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Buffalo River
Buffalo River Arkansas

Triple Falls

A great hike for nature lovers of all ages. The trail itself is only a .5 mile roundtrip hike that offers some grand scenery. With ample rainfall this double fall dawns a third waterfall.

Buffalo River Arkansas

Lost Valley Trail

The Lost Valley Trail is an easy to moderate hike through a box canyon sculpted by Clark Creek. At 2.4 miles round-trip, this trail features caves, waterfalls, a Native American bluff shelter, and breathtaking groves of American beech trees.

Buffalo River Arkansas

Sam's Throne

A beautiful scenic trail offering nice views of the Big Creek Valley and bluff lines.

Buffalo River Arkansas

Glory Hole

A wonderful moderate 2-mile round trip trail featuring a 30 ft. waterfall. Nature has created a hole in the roof of an overhanging bluff and the creek/water now flows through the hole to create a beautiful waterfall.

Buffalo River Arkansas


At 200-feet, it’s the tallest waterfall between The Rockies and Appalachians. There’s no doubting that Hemmed-In Hollow is one humdinger of a waterfall.

Sweden Creek

The Sweden Creek Natural Area is protected by the Natural Heritage Commission and features many waterfalls, scenic bluff lines, and wildflowers.

Buffalo River Arkansas

Hawkbills Craig

If Buffalo River lovers were pressed to name their favorite spot, well, this most scenic of Arkansas icons might just take first place.

Round Top Tail

About two miles south of Jasper on Highway 7 is the prominent and aptly named Round Top Mountain. There is a great hiking trail here with beautiful scenery, wildflowers, and a bit of unusual history.

Image by Derek Livingston

Hiking the Buffalo

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